(Русский) автомобильная доставка грузов из турции

Container Shipping

Goods from Turkey are very popular in Russia and Ukraine, thanks to the ease of delivery and high quality. It is the Turkish textile industry, as well as agricultural goods, that are leading in the world. Thanks to its geographical position, the country was able to attract a lot of foreign investors, thanks to which factories and factories manufacturing international brand goods were opened. Also, Turkey is the main supplier of building materials and mixtures.

«Cargo» – fast container transportation

Container transportation can be carried out by various types of transport, most often by sea and river, as well as by rail and road, less often by air. Unloading and sorting works are carried out at a special container station.

The company «Cargo» carries out container transportation from Turkey through the main ports. If you need to transport the cargo quickly and without problems, use the service of sea container transportation. “Cargo” organization has a great experience of work and communication with the enterprises of Turkey, due to which, it provides complex transportation – container delivery, cargo registration, application for export, shipping and receipt at any convenient destination. Company Cargo container transportation from Ukraine to Turkey , as well as vice versa.

One of the specializations of our company is container transportation. For the delivery of cargo containers of various types are used – vented, standard, ref-containers, tank containers and other.

Advantages of container transportation

  • Speed of piece cargo. With the help of containers you can transport a lot of small goods (shoes, clothes) at a time.
  • Reduction of loading and unloading time.
  • Saving tare and fastenings for it.
  • The possibility of multimodal transportation (for example, loading goods from a wagon to a truck).

If you need container shipping from Turkey (price depends on the complexity of transportation), please contact the Cargo representative on the contact phone number. The specialist will be able to answer all your questions regarding this type of transportation.