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Oversized cargo

Oversized cargo is a cargo, the parameters of which differ from the standard ones. To transport such cargo, it is necessary to have a special transport available. If you need to transport heavy goods from Turkey, use the offer of our company “Cargo”. We are implementing oversized transport from Turkey to Ukraine in the shortest possible time. The firm “Cargo” is a large vehicle fleet of special vehicles, as well as skilled workers who have vast experience in working with goods that have non-standard dimensions.

How to transport heavy goods?

Oversized cargo is a cargo with non-standard parameters, a shifted center of gravity, and also a large weight. What are the goods:

  • Production equipment, special equipment – bulldozer, excavator, asphalt laying machine and the like.
  • Equipment for construction.
  • Agricultural machinery – seeders, combines, tractors.
  • Beams, reinforced concrete structures, pipes and so on.
  • Yacht, boat, catamarans.

Any oversized transportation from Turkey (price You will be pleasantly surprised) are planned carefully and competently. Employees of the company “Cargo” will carry out all necessary work:

  • Inspection of goods, determination of its key parameters and category.
  • The choice of the optimal vehicle, which corresponds to the dimensions of the cargo, and the mode of transportation.
  • Development of the route scheme according to all the peculiarities of the Law of Ukraine and traffic rules. If it is international transportation – according to the laws of each country through which the delivery will be carried out.
  • Development of the optimal technology for loading and fastening the goods.
  • Registration of all customs and transport documentation.
  • Insurance of goods.

How is the cargo transported??

The main thing that is taken into account in heavy transportation is security. To implement oversized transport of goods from Turkey , You need to know all the subtleties of this type of delivery. In this case, the transportation is carried out by professional drivers, who have vast experience behind their shoulders.

The vehicles used for transportation pass special. checks, the transported goods have a special marking. Specialists of the company exercise strict control over compliance with the chosen route and also the speed regime. Did you have any questions? You can assign them to the manager of our company for the selected phone number. Waiting for your calls!