(Русский) авиа доставка товаров из турции в украину

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation is a type of transportation that is carried out under one contract, but is performed by several modes of transport, for example, by sea and air. The company “Cargo” is carried out multimodal transport (price depends on the complexity of the work) on the territory of Ukraine from Turkey and vice versa.

«Cargo» – fast multimodal transport

When designing the transportation plan, the specialists of our company find the most optimal routes, the goods are accompanied by a single permit.
Thanks to the vast experience of the work, the specialists of the firm are ready to help any client, having developed the most profitable plan, and multimodal transportation to Turkey will be as fast as possible.

Experts of the organization are ready to offer their assistance in the transportation of various types of goods. The company produces efficient and high-quality delivery of modular cargoes and various cargoes. In addition, our company has a very convenient terminal system where you can store your goods in a temporary warehouse.

What does «Cargo» offer to its customers??

  • Fast multimodal transport from Ukraine and in it the goods.
  • Compliance with the rules of loading, storage, transportation, unloading of goods.
  • Quantity control, commodity condition.
  • Paying taxes, customs fees.
  • Registration of documents required for smooth transportation of goods abroad / out of it.
  • Cargo registration in the customs service.

Our company carries out transportation on the most optimal routes, through which each customer receives an order in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the great work experience and professionalism of the company’s employees, the goods are transported in compliance with all safety rules.

Using an efficient combination of various types of transport, we carry out and control multimodal transportation, ensuring fast delivery directly to the customer’s warehouse.