(Русский) услуги доставки товаров из украины в турцию

Customs clearance

Customs clearance of cargo is the process necessary for successful crossing of the border. If the goods are registered late or incorrectly, it threatens with many negative consequences – the seizure or arrest of goods, the imposition of sanctions and fines. The registration itself can not be carried out without a high level of knowledge in the field of currency, tax and customs law. If you do not have enough knowledge, it is best to implement customs clearance in CARGO , whose employees know all the secrets of this operation.

Registration of goods at customs

Employees of the company have a vast experience in the field of cargo registration, they also study the changes in the Law of Ukraine on this issue daily, which occur very often. Through joint efforts, customs clearance of goods is carried out in full accordance with the current Law of Ukraine.

CARGO provides its customers with a full range of services, the company’s specialists will implement the process of design efficiently and in the shortest possible time. Applying to our organization, you can save your precious time and nerves. Calling a specialist company, you can learn cost of customs clearance and other details of the process.

The process of registering the goods

  1. Carrying out work with various customs regimes.
  2. Calculation of payments.
  3. Registration of customs declarations.
  4. Preparation of documentation for the export and import of goods.
  5. Registration of permits and certificates.
  6. Choosing the ideal option for customs registration.
  7. Selection of the code of goods in accordance with the Ukrainian classification.
  8. Submission of documents to customs officers.

Employees of the company will talk about the rules of international trade, so that customers can avoid unforeseen costs. CARGO is a quality customs clearance of goods (price fairly democratic) in the shortest possible time, the professionalism of employees and the fulfillment of all obligations.